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Your with best (LG Assist) already now complete the marriage with full integration through a network of paid sponsored sites and social media postings for all you jobs for 12 months. A small once up yearly fee allows your jobs to be seen by millions of people through a vast array of social media sites all relevant to the skill set of the job. The targeted approach gets your jobs to the people that count.

We here at LG Assist place your job through our Jobs in Council network automatically and confirmations will be sent out in addition to the confirmation sent for your LG Assist confirmations.

Have total peace of mind knowing your jobs are now going through the biggest network of job searches in the country.

Jobs are placed through a combination of:

  1. Websites
  2. Social Media posts
  3. Industry Groups
  4. Locally based job and discussion groups
  5. Agencies searches throughout the Country and so much more……

Make sure your jobs are also placed through Jobs in Council to assure the absolute best results for your council.

Contact Jobs in Council for this simple integration.

Jobs in Council office hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm (EST) Monday - Friday. Our staff offers you a personalised, professional and prompt service. Contact us today for all your local government job advertising needs. 

Advertising Enquiry 

Address: 2 Price st Oakleigh South, Victoria 3167 Australia

Email: support@jobsincouncil.com.au

Phone: 0401 022 422

Support Enquiry:

Email: support@josincouncil.com.au


Popular locations:

New South Wales (NSW) (270) | Victoria (VIC) (117) | Queensland (QLD) (68) | Western Australia (WA) (27) | Northern Territory (NT) (11) | New Zealand (11)

Popular cities:

Sydney (227) | Melbourne (46) | Dubbo (29) | Rockhampton (27) | Brisbane (24) | Wollongong (21) | Wangaratta (20) | Gold Coast (18) | Mackay (18) | Bankstown (17)